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Psychic Adviser Jacqueline

I am a 3rd generational psychic hands-on healer. My uncle was a natural healer and my mother was a spiritual monk. She dedicated her life to helping others by prayer. I learned that I had the same ability to help people with my gift and the ability to see what others cannot!  As a child, I would see angels and they would help me with overcoming my shy ways as a child. The angels helped me find who I am and what my purpose in life is And we work together and they would direct me to people and would use me to tell them they would find light in their dark time in life-giving readings as a child with such accuracy, my  family’s friends became paying clients and I have not stopped since.  This has allowed Me to connect to hundreds of thousands of people using my Ability to work with angels prayer true advice Now I have  21 years of experience. I have worked for many agencies as well as marriage and family counselors and therapists.

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