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“I was jumping from one psychic to the next, not anymore  after talking with no need to look anywhere else   She gave me real Answers to what I was looking for she did not sugar coat anything. Thanks, Jacqueline!



“Jacqueline is amazing. She has told me things I had no clue what happened and then they did. She has also told me things about an ex-girlfriend without me even asking, and he did come back. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Jacqueline, for everything!”


“I was very impressed with my reading. You were very true, quick, and right on the mark with everything that is currently going on in my life. You gave advice on how to deal with my situations and showed me some light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend Jacqueline very highly. You will not be disappointed.”


“Jacqueline is an amazing psychic therapist she helped me find my purpose in showed me how to move on from the past that I was stuck. Because of false promises other psychics have given to me. Jacqueline is the best I’ve called her on many things and she’s always there for me an I have recommended my own kids to speak with her Thank you, Jacqueline”



“The best reading I’ve ever had. Thanks, Jacqueline I’d recommend her to everyone.”


“Jacqueline helped me with passive aggressive issues I was suffering from she is amazing and I love her dearly.”


“Jacqueline is amazing she took the time out to even help me with a diet that I should be on and it really helped thanks Jacqueline.”


“She promised me that John would come back I was very skeptical and he did thank you”


“My namePatriciaa Macero I’ve worked with Jacqueline with many things she is wonderful she can be a therapist or .counselorA nutrition specialist and Real psychic”


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